Covid Interview – Surender Singh “Supports Modi Ji’s decision”

Ranjeet Kaur;April21,2020

Surender Singh


Dashmesh Movies(Founder)

Q) How did covid19 affected Entertainment Industry?

A) Cinema shoots are getting affected badly as multiplexes are closed.

Q) How it affected public?

A) Public is badly suffering. Side effects of pandemic are emotional and financial sufferings.

Q) Any suggestions to recover this loss?

A) we all should come forward as one nation and recover this loss.

Q) What have you done to fight off this pandemic?

A) following modi ji’s implemented govt. rules to fight off covid19.

Q) Do you think covid19 is a sign of biological war?

A) Unsure about this. Heard rumors.

Q) How did covid19 affected Indian economy?

A) Major downfall in Indian economy. Recession may follow. Pandemic showed worldwide effects and India is also one.

Q) How much BPL, PL, and Middle class got affected?

A) BPL and pl is getting help from govt. as well as our entertainment industry. The most suffering class is middle class. Neither they can ask for help outta embarrassment nor they are getting much.

Q) In your opinion, what else measures should government take?

A) As there is no remedy or medicine yet, I support our govt. and leader modi ji.