Covid Interview Umesh Bhardwaj “will panedemic result in lootacy?”

Ranjeet Kaur;April,20,2020

Umesh Bhardwaj

Film distributor

Triday Films (Proprietor)

Q) How did covid19 affected Entertainment Industry?

A) Cinema, web series shoots getting affected as multiplexes are closed.

Q) How it affected public?

A) People badly affected. Soon will side affects of panedemic may result as poverty, lootacy, snatching,etc.

Q) Any suggestions to recover this loss?

A) Groom yourself and be ready for facing worst.

Q) What have you done to fight off this pandemic?

A) Ready to face off worst and is grooming up myself and working for new project plans.

Q) Do you think covid19 is a sign of biological war?

A) Unsure

Q) How did covid19 affected Indian economy?

A) Great loss to Indian economy. Food and retail hike by 30%.

Q) How much BPL, PL, and Middle class got affected?

A) BPL and pl is on mercy, middle class is compromising and adjusting, and rich is giving spendthrift a thought by spending less and saving more.

Q) In your opinion, what else measures should government take?

A) Govt. may-

Open lockdown while educating people.

Main crowded areas should be closed.

Fine on not wearing mask