Obesity- A Curse

Ranjeet Kaur; April16,2020

Nature provided resources to us. if not utilized appropriately, it goes against us. it’s up to us how we use given resources. obesity is not a natural thing. if one doesn’t take care of self and eats more than needed without burning calories, it become obese. extra intake of food causes accumulation of fat in body. obesity invites many other diseases as curse.

Obesity becomes curse along with other diseases those accompany obesity like, arthritis, diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems,respiratory issues, etc. obesity is a serious issue. an obese becomes lazy due to many physical and emotional reasons. 

It makes one center of laughter. Jon Brower Minnoch (September 29, 1941 – September 10, 1983) was an American man who, at his peak weight, was the heaviest human being ever recorded, weighing 1,400 lbs (635 kgs; 100 stone) he got hospitalized due to cardiac and respiratory failure. he needed helping hand for daily needful works.  With his underlying condition of edema being incurable and difficult to treat, the decision was made to discontinue treatment, and he died 23 months later on September 10, 1983, aged 41. At the time of his death, he weighed 798 lb (362 kg; 57 st) with a body mass index  of 105.3.

So you see why obesity becomes curse. according to WHO, worldwide obesity has tripled since 1975. we need to take care of our routines and ourselves.